Racing Testimonials

Mark Purdon - All Stars Racing

We have been using BetaVet products for seven years. The All Stars racing team in both New Zealand and Australia thrive and succeed on PREPARE. I am behind BetaVet all the way. A knowledgeable, helpful company that provide equine supplements that work.

Barry Purdon and Scott Phelan Harness Racing

Since using BetaVet PREPARE daily for our racing team, it has really made a huge difference and you can see the results pretty quickly! The horses look great and stay in top shape during their rigorous racing program. They have the stamina to perform at their best and recover very quickly post race. When traveling, they are eating up well and maintain focus raceday to get the job done!

Sarah Smith

I have been using PROTECT on a couple of horses in our team that need a bit of extra joint support and have found it keeps them feeling great and loving their work. It's really good for reducing joint stiffness, discomfort and increasing mobility.

I highly recommend it!

Paul Nelson

I have been using BetaVet PREPARE now for a number of years and am really happy with the results. My horses have the stamina required for the heavy winter tracks and PREPARE is fabulous for keeping the jumpers in top shape!

Great for horses traveling to races as it keeps them eating and focused on their job!

Margaret Falconer

BetaVet products are a huge part of our supplement regime and we are extremely pleased with the results we are seeing on our racehorses.

We have recently started using HEMOHALT on a couple and have found this to be a great blood building aid for circulation and pulmonary health.

The horses energy levels have improved and stamina seems to have increased, and they are looking and feeling great!

Catherine Cameron

BetaVet SUPERBOOST PASTES are great.

They are fabulous for both leading up to raceday or for post race recovery and keep the horses sharp and focused.

A really good combo of B vitamins and herbs to help maintain and replace energy levels required for racing.

Meg Cuneen

I can’t stress enough how much of a difference I find from using PREPARE on my whole racing team! I find it’s a product that covers all bases for each individual athlete in my stable.

I give PREPARE daily to each of my horses. Not only do they possess a healthy glow in their coat but it helps them feel very bright and well in their own body.

I’ve found a huge difference particularly in horses that have been picky eaters and the improvement in their appetite during a hard racing campaign.

Definitely a product I love and wouldn’t go without!

Sales Prep Testimonials


This will be our 5th year running at Breckon Farms that we will be using BetaVet products on our Yearling Draft.

During Prep they all get a daily dose of PREPARE. We find it promotes a healthy glow to their coats, keeps them level headed, and helps to create great muscle tone and top line.

The horses love the taste and take it happily.

Berkley Stud

At Berkley Stud we pride ourselves on the health and well-being of our horses and have found the BetaVet range of products to compliment our feeding program extremely well.

The challenges of preparing yearlings for sales and times of stress can have a negative effect on gut health so we use BetaVet GASTRI-TEC to make sure we have these bases covered.

GASTRI-TEC is fabulous for maintaining weight and topline, keeps them on their feed and supports a healthy digestive tract and hindgut.

Our horses love the taste so no issues with palatability which gives it a big thumbs up from us!

Windsor Park Stud

The care and well-being of all our horses is of utmost importance to us at Windsor Park Stud, and since we have been using products in the BetaVet range we have been really impressed.

Digestive health is so important for optimal condition and temperament and we have found BetaVet GASTRI-TEC to be fantastic!

A great product to use on yearlings for sales to help them to handle the demands of prep, keep them on their feed and their coats look amazing!

We have also had success with STEADY NEDDY and GG CALM when we have needed the edge taken off in times of high pressure and travel etc.

Sporthorse Testimonials


Just wanted to touch base and give a review on BetaVet ALLER-GEN.

This season has been the worse with pollens ect and my poor pony picked up an irritating cough! I had the vet out which resulted him going on antibiotics but found after the treatment he was still I reached out to Kylie and she suggested I put him on the ALLER-GEN and ECHINACEA powder keeping him on the loading dose of ALLER-GEN for 2 weeks.

I noticed a huge difference and it had definitely kept his cough at a minimal level and the 3rd week have noticed no cough at all! Also this time last year he had hives and was very itchy, so far his coat is gleaming with no hives or itchy skin. He is back in full work doing really well.

Thanks so much for your time and advice Kylie, I now have a happy content horse using BetaVet products!


Lenny is a 19 year old true original Ngahiwi. A few years ago, after numerous vet visits, and a CT Scan at Massey we were told Lenny should be retired and wouldn’t be long before we might want to look at putting him down. Which quite clearly for us wasn’t an option.

With 2 very good vets, a lot of treatments and some serious amounts of PROTECT Lenny made his way back up to 3* and we even completed our first 4* together this year!

Lenny has lived on PROTECT since we went to Massey University and I believe it is a major contributing factor to helping with his recovery, rehabilitation and maintaining him at top level after he came back

Hayley and Romeo 

On May 23rd my horse came in from the paddock lame. After a vet visit we determined he had done some soft tissue damage and needed to be stabled for 3 months.

After a friends recommendation I purchased STEADY NEDDY to help him keep calm and relaxed to give this injury time to heal. Two weeks ago we had another xray and scan to find that the injury was a bit worse than initially thought and it was the Deep Digital Flexor Tendon that he had damaged, and it hadn’t healed as we had hoped so needed more time.

Now with a wedged bar shoe on, we have another 8 weeks in his yard which will bring his total box time to 5 months. I highly rate STEADY NEDDY and accredit this for his relaxed and accepting attitude. I ran out between bottles and found a major difference and raced to grab more.

My next purchase as recommended by the BetaVet team is to try the STEADY STEED which I can use long term for when the time comes to transition back into the paddock. Thanks team for such a great product and keeping us both sane!

Please note: Kava is a banned substance under FEI Rules - USE AT OWN RISK.

Paxton Conder - Show Jumper

One of my personal favourites in the BetaVet range is REGUMARE.

My competition mare lives on this product all year round, it settles her in the paddock, balances her hormones and helps keep her focused during her work.

It eliminates her difficult temperament when in season, so I can guarantee I am always going to have a mare that is attentive and competition ready.

BetaVet REGUMARE played a very important role in our success last season and allowed Elsie to perform consistently at the top throughout the series.

I thoroughly recommend this product!

Kaa-Sandra Chee - Dressage Rider

BetaVet SUPER BOOST is a great product.

It gives my horse a little pick me up on each day at a horse trial.

We had amazing energy throughout our first two-star three-day event and the energy is sustained and not fizzy, so his head is clear to negotiate the dressage and the jumps.

Thanks BetaVet for another fantastic product.

Jo Mackie 

My lovely MJK True Blue did so well at his first ever outing winning every event entered and also won champion novice saddle hunter and champion open saddle hunter.

He is on PREPARE and GASTRI-TEC and is doing sooo well on them.

We also had STEADY STEED as it was his first outing to keep him settled and it worked a treat!

He looks and feels amazing and I couldn’t be happier!

Thanks BetaVet!!

Janelle Gibson

A quick wee appreciation post for the team at BetaVet this time a fortnight ago Quinn was unrideable with a persistent cough and very frustrating head flick.

I decided it was likely due to allergies from the unreal amount of pollen around so I asked for some advice from Ashley Harrington at BetaVet and she sent down a bottle of ALLER-GEN pronto.

Within a week of starting ALLER-GEN his eyes stopped weeping, his head flick disappeared and his cough has all but gone.

He even managed to pick up a win in the CT95 class at the BetaVet Eventing Southland One Day Event this weekend.

So thank you BetaVet for making yet another quality product.

Julia Merch

Just wanted to say I used your ECHINACEA PREMIER last week and it worked wonders for my boy.

He came up with a mild viral cold (not snotty but sneezing a lot), and showed some slight watery blood in his nose so became quite worried.

I then decided to ask a vet nurse about it - the blood was most likely an irritation from constantly sneezing and I was told that if it got any worse or remained the same over that weekend to call the vet.

But after using your product he was back to normal after only 5 days and was amazing in his lesson the following weekend. Back to feeling his best - so thank you!! I’m so glad I now know that I can rely on your product to keep my horses happy and healthy and their immune systems working at their best!

Happy horse = very happy owner!

Madison Schollum

I have been using the BetaVet CHASTE BERRY + RED MARINE MINERALS product for 2 months now and I have seen really good results.

I brought this product to try on my mare that is very marish on the ground and to ride.

I noticed a big difference to her behaviour in general since she has been on this product.

She has been a lot calmer in her day to day life and it's easier to get her focused in her rideen work.

I am really happy with the results seen.

Jodie Thorne

BetaVet STEADY STEED is a vital part of my show kit. As a Grade 1 para rider, all of my dressage tests are ridden at walk-only due to my disability. I need my horse to be calm and focused on me, but with enough energy and presence to still move and score well in the arena in front of the judges.

After a shaky start to our first HOY together where Ira was over-excited for my warm up rider, Kylie recommended I try STEADY STEED to regain Ira's brain. I'm pleased to say it worked wonders, and the next day I was able to get in the saddle and have my first, calm warm up ride at the showgrounds. I kept Ira on the maintenance dose and our tests the following two days went well.

We were due in the main oval for our freestyle on the last day which gave my whole team the jitters. That arena is buzzing! It has so much energy and lots of distractions, but Ira was still calm and focused on me, and only flicked a quick ear at the crowd erupting (twice!) during our test from the showjumping clear rounds nextdoor!

I use BetaVet STEADY STEED for all our shows now, and wouldn't be without it! It's a fab product to take the edge off any nerves and help keep their brain, whilst not being sedating or making your horse feel dull. Ira loves the taste which makes it easy to feed it to him too. Thank you so much BetaVet for a fab product