A rescue TB came to us underweight but his skin was in even worse condition. He had been treated before he arrived and we continued to treat it with medicated shampoo etc with very limited results. So we consulted BetaVet to get the team’s thoughts. They recommended that we put him on a course (10 days) of EHCINACEA PREMIER as it would help to heal and detoxify his skin/body.

I must say I was a little sceptical but thought I would give it a go as his skin did look toxic. And what can I say… the BetaVet products didn’t let us down. I really can’t believe how quickly his skin started to recover. A huge shout out to BetaVet for their help!

Riverrock Farm

Stable star Enzo’s Lad thrives on PROTECT and GASTRI-TEC. When returning from his stint in Hong Kong and Royal Ascot, Enzo’s Lad struggled to strike his form.

Following a recommendation we decided to try a couple of the products in the range, and since then haven’t looked back.

PROTECT has helped him to help cope with the hard tracks and finish off his races with a great turn of foot.

By adding GASTRI-TEC to his daily feeding regime his coat looks amazing, he is maintaining condition and eating up really well. Very happy with the results we have seen with the products in the BETAVET range.

Michael Pitman / Gallops Trainer

Since using BETAVET PREPARE daily for our racing team, it has made a huge difference and you can see the results quickly. The horses look great and stay in top shape during their rigorous racing program.

They have the stamina to perform at their best and recover very quickly post race. When travelling, they are eating up well and maintain focus raceday to get the job done.

Barry Purdon / Harness Trainer

We have been using BetaVet products for seven years. The All Stars racing team in both New Zealand and Australia thrive and succeed on PREPARE. I am behind BetaVet all the way.

A knowledgeable helpful company that provide equine supplements that work.

Mark Purdon / Harness Trainer

I’ve been using GASTRI-TEC daily for 6 months now and have really noticed a huge difference with my horses in work. They have a great shine on their coats and their appetites are really good, especially the picky eaters. They maintain condition well and I love the fact that their gut health is taken care of with GASTRI-TEC!

Arna Donnelly / Harness Trainer

One of my personal favourites in the BetaVet range is REGUMARE. My competition mare lives on this product all year round, it settles her in the paddock, balances her hormones and helps keep her focused during her work. It eliminates her difficult temperament when in season, so I can guarantee I am always going to have a mare that is attentive and competition ready. BetaVet REGUMARE played a very important role in our success last season and allowed Elsie to perform consistently at the top throughout the series. I thoroughly recommend this product!

Paxton Conder / Showjumper

We had a TB that we couldn’t get weight on, his coat was dull and he even had some hair loss. He had ulcers after a long time on bute etc after an injury. We put him on BetaVet BUILDAGUT and rapidly he put on weight, his coat became bright again, and he’s just a much happier, healthier horse! After that, I not only have the good competition horses on BUILDAGUT, I have all the horses even the yearlings on it.

Kelly Tyson / Eventer

BETAVET SUPER BOOST is a great product. It gives my horse a little pick me up on each day at a horse trial. We had amazing energy throughout our first two-star three-day event and the energy is sustained and not fizzy, so his head is clear to negotiate the dressage and the jumps. Thanks BetaVet for another fantastic product.

Kaa-Sandra Chee

I’ve had wonderful results with STEADY STEED. My thoroughbred Monti is terrified of fireworks. A couple of weeks ago we felt helpless as he galloped around his paddock in the dark and wouldn’t even come for his feed the next night, and he lives for his hard feed! So I tried the STEADY STEED paste and what a difference. Monti still looked nervous, but this time stood at the fence line with us for reassurance. He still looked chilled the next morning.

Michelle Ritchie

BetaVet PREPARE, GASTRI-TEC & REGUMARE are an important part in helping to keep my racing teams performance at their best during preparation.

Catherine Cameron / Gallops Trainer

I have been using BetaVet PREPARE now for a number of years and am really happy with the results. My horses have the stamina required for the heavy winter tracks and PREPARE is fabulous for keeping the jumpers in top shape! Great for horses travelling to races as it keeps them eating and focused on their job!

Paul Nelson / Gallops Trainer

My lovely MJK True Blue did so well at his first ever outing winning every event entered and also won champion novice saddle hunter and champion open saddle hunter. He is on PREPARE and GASTRI-TEC and is doing sooo well on them. We also had STEADY STEED as it was his first outing to keep him settled and it worked a treat! He looks and feels amazing and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks BetaVet!!

Jo Mackie

We first starting using Betavet products on our show-ponies who are much like your typical yearlings, over-fed, underworked and hence super reactive to ride (and then we put our precious children on, cross our fingers and hope everything works out ok lol). We had one particularly spooky pony who could spin on a dime (and we always had trouble catching him) and someone recommended we try him on Betavet PREPARE. I gave it a go but to be honest wasn’t expecting to see any real difference, we already had the pony on bucketful’s of magnesium. To this day I am yet to be more delighted with any product, the change in that pony had to be seen to be believed and how simple, to add 10mls into his feed once a day, that’s my sort of supplement!! He still worked the house down when required and has numerous championship titles to his name but he became much less responsive and even much easier to catch which was a massive bonus.

Based on the success we had with this one pony we started using PREPARE for all our show ponies and soon the racehorses were all on it too. Since using Prepare their coats are better but mostly I love the fact that somehow it seems to make them cope better, both at home and at shows or races. I think the fact that it has a detox component is a huge asset, particularly for horses on the Waikato grass and often I think the horses we don’t think are grass affected actually are a little and adding PREPARE to their daily diet just means that is one less thing you need to worry about.

Since starting to use the Betavet products our racehorses have had a great season to date, the show ponies have had a particularly successful season and most of all they have been more trainable and just nicer to have around. Thanks Betavet, you make life easier!

Robyn Rogers / Kendayla Park

What a difference it has made to Joe. Its an awesome product and so easy to administer. He is full of go now… there are no signs of the stiffness and sore joints that he seemed to have had so much trouble with before. The biggest challenge now is keeping him under control !!. Will definitely be buying more of that… it works a treat. Many thanks… and if there is anyone out there who has a dog with stiff joints wondering if it might help their dog give it a go… its great !!

Mandy Hindmarsh

Hi team! Just wanted to pop a quick message through to say how much we love FLEXIDOG! I have used it on Jodie for a while now, she is getting on a bit in age and has worked hard her whole life! I have tried other supplements on her with no real results, but after time using the Flexidog, she is more free moving and never comes out of her kennel stiff in the mornings. I will continue Jodie on the Flexidog as I find it gives her a better quality of life! Thanks so much for making such a neat product! We LOVE it!!

Kate Paulsen

Would just like to say a massive thumbs up to your COOL N TITE! Honestly has been one of the only things keeping my ponies in top condition before mounted games Under 17 World Team Championships at Equitana! Keeping their ligaments and legs all nice and tight, and super relaxing for them when I use it for massages after comps and hard training sessions!

Shayla Shaw

I use BetaVet Protect as part of my daily feeding regime for my race mare Majestic Stride. I find it helps to keep her more flexible and comfortable in her work, and in general a much happier horse while being exercised and when racing. She can be a fussy eater, but happily eats up with Protect in her feed. It now comes in a handy user friendly tub now too!

Philly Higgins-Drysdale / Harness Trainer

We have used a variety of products from the BETAVET range, and are really pleased with the results produced! Every product that we have used has done exactly what it claims to do. BETAVET products are very palatable, even for the fussiest of eaters! Kylie is always on the end of the phone, or happy to pop in, to give us advice or guidance on their products.

Breckon Farm / Standardbred Stud